Wagering Requirements / Play Through

Of course it’s natural to want the biggest bonus, but is the biggest bonus always the best? Very often not, but it depends on your situation.

Most sites are willing to give bonuses, especially to new members, but naturally they also want you to stick around and keep using their site after you receive the bonus. That’s why most bonuses have a ‘playthrough requirement’, also known as ‘rollover’ or ‘wagering requirement’, which you must satisfy before you can cash out the bonus. Usually you’ll have the bonus in your account immediately after fulfilling the initial requirements (eg. make your 1st deposit and place a bet), but you can’t actually withdraw it until you’ve met the wagering requirement. The requirements are different for each site so players must read the conditions to find the exact rules.

Since the wager requirement is based on the size of the bonus you receive, that means the bigger the bonus the more you’ll need to wager before receiving the bonus. Some bonus offers may require a 3x, 5x or even higher ‘rollover’, especially for larger bonuses. Often there will also be a limit on the length of time you have to reach the required wagering requirements and claim your bonus, for example if you only have one week and you don’t fulfil the requirements in that time then you will not receive your bonus. In addition, only bets above specified odds may contribute to the playthrough requirements (this will be explained in the site’s bonus rules).

It may not be realistically possible for you to reach the required wagering conditions within your budget and within the time that you have available to meet the requirements. Of course this is very dependent on your own situation so if you wish to claim a bonus you will first need to check the conditions carefully to decide if it seems reasonable for your time and budget.

Here is our recommendation : Join sites based on the enjoyment value, not just for the bonus. Then you will be more likely to meet the playthrough requirements since you enjoy betting there and so will bet on the site more often. If you haven’t met the bonus requirements by the end of the allowed time period then at least you’ve enjoyed yourself.

One more tip : A smaller bonus will often be easier to claim due to the lower requirements. So if you’re not a frequent or big better then don’t worry about big bonuses, it’s better to try for a small bonus and actually receive it, than try for a big bonus and not meet the requirements.

Posted: April, 2011.