Bookmakers Listed on the London Stock Exchange

Which UK bookmakers will you find listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE)?

Most bookmakers aren’t publicly traded directly on the LSE, but you can find many of their parent companies listed on the exchange.

Of the major bookmakers offering their services to UK residents, here are the main ones traded on the London Stock Exchange:

  • Blue Square is part of Rank Group PLC. Review: Blue Square
  • Sky Bet is part of British Sky Broadcasting Group PLC. Review: Sky Bet
  • Betfair is part of Betfair Group PLC. Review: Betfair
  • Ladbrokes is part of Ladbrokes PLC. Review: Ladbrokes
  • William Hill is part of William Hill PLC. Review: William Hill
  • Paddy Power is part of Paddy Power PLC. Review: Paddy Power
  • bwin Sports is owned by Digital Entertainment PLC. Review: bwin Sports
  • Party Bets is the 2nd online bookmaker owned by Review: Party Bets
  • Gamebookers is a 3rd brand also owned by Review: Gamebookers
Posted: August, 2012.